Friday, December 18, 2009

Fall 2009

Yes, it has been a while ( 4 months actully) since I have posted anything on this blog! It really does take some dedicated time, which I just can't seem to find these days!

A lot has gone on since my last post...

First, we took the plundge and moved! We moved on Faith's 2nd birthday weekend (September 5th) and then quickly celebrated her birthday with a party at our new home a week later! Thank goodness my mom was here to help! As I was still throwing up daily and hardly eating due to the aweful morning sickness I had this time around! We love the new place and Faith quickly adjusted (after we got her a Big Girl Bed)! I think she had outgrown her crib and wasn't sleeping well in it anymore! She loves her Big bed now!

A few pics of her party...

Oh, and I guess in case you haven't heard....IT'S A BOY!! For sure...many ultrasounds have confirmed! I have slowely moved all of Faith's furniture into the baby's room and she is left with her new bed and a dresser that is on order! Maybe by the summer I will have her bedding and everything put together better! His room is painted blue and he will have white bedding timmed in the blue. Simple! I'm not one for themes, but that's just me.

Next, was Halloween!! Faith was the cutiest BEE ever!! We went to our old neighborhood and trick-r-treated! She had a blast! After a few houses, she had the hang of it!

The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

We are still envolved in gymnastics class! She LOVES it! She is amazingly strong and her coach it impressed with her ability...we do miss on occassion, because I have to be so involved, and sometimes I just don't have it in me to do!!

Also, swim lessons are still going on! I love sitting on the sidelines and watching her! She is getting better every week! We only have a few weeks left and then I think we are going to take a break for the next session and start back up in the summer!

Faith knows she is going to have a baby brother, but she doesn't really understand what that means! She will kiss my tummy and has even shared her stickers with him and put ton on my belly! I am pretty anxious about how she is going to react, and fully expect some serious meltdowns (from her and me)! However, I am excited to meet him! Life is changing quickly! I have my c-sec scheduled for February 24th! So we should meet him then! And, NO, we do not have a name yet! We will make our decision once we see him and have time to figure out who he is! I think Faith was named late in the afternoon the day she was born...that is totally fine with us! Hopefully we will have it narrowed to only a few names though! Because right now we are not even close! It's funny, because many people thought we had a name picked out for Faith but we wern't telling, but actually we hadn't decided and didn't want to decide until we saw her and had a chance to decide on our own. It was special to us that way!

We are really looking forward to Christmas this year, as Faith is excited to "see" Santa! She knows she has to wait for Santa to open the presents under the tree...this should be interesting!

I hope everyone enjoys this time of the year! We are all blessed!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last but not Least!

Faith jumping in off the "island." She loves this thing! Notice baby in hand and all! It sure was hard to get some pics, as I had to be in the water too, but this was before class started and her teacher played with her a bit so I could get some photos!
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More beam

Faith and her friend Kennedy....Faith brought her baby to class (not a good idea as ALL the girls wanted to play with it) Kennedy asked Faith to "please share," and this is the look Faith gave her! These two girls seem to coordinate on their outfits a lot too!! Very cute! Not at all intentional! Just good taste moms!!
Walking into swim lessons!

Faith with her teacher (Ms. Sarah) and one of the boys in her class "Braydon"
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More pics!

Balance Beam

Pushing up on the bars!! Yeah! First time!
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Pictures from Gymnastics & Swim Lessons

On the Uneven Bars!

The Rings! Doing a Stradle!

Hanging from the uneven bars

The rope
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Been Ages!

Well, it has been forever sinced I have updated my blog!! I joined the community of Facebook and lost touch with Blogging! Too much to keep up with if you ask me! However, I know there are many friends and family that do not participate in Facebook and would still love to hear about Faith and our lives. So, I will try and update every few weeks!

So much has happened this summer!

Faith finished Mother's Day Out in May and we have been home all summer together! Yes, it is a blessing, but it is very trying on my patience too! She has grown up so much and has hit the "terrible two's." This summer, we have not taken an vacations or gone anywere memorable, but we have kept busy doing fun things together as a family!

Faith has been enrolled in WOGA Gymnastics here in Frisco. She LOVES it! We go once a week and it is a "mommy and me" class. She is SO strong and has the ability to pull herself up on the bars and with a little help, flip over! She loves the rings and likes to hang on them and lift her legs up to her chest! Her coach is amazed at how much strength she has! I guess I didn't realize how much she has, since I see if everyday! She is one of the youngest in her class.

We have also been attending swim lessons at Emler in Plano once a goodness, this girl is a fish!!! She can't wait to get in the pool and go under and kick! She holds her breath, and has learned how to climb out of the pool by herself. They really have a great program there and it has really tought me how to guide her in safety, kicking, pulling her arms, etc. I had no idea how to teach her all of this!! Once again, this is a "mommy and me" class, so I am in the water (that was ment to be sarcastic)! She has no fear of the water and loves to jump off the side, slide down the big slide and just loves putting her head under! She would live in the pool if she could! This class comes to an end next week, and we will decide soon if we want to continue during the fall as well...she would move up to the bigger class and I wouldn't have to be in the water too....woohoo!!

Another big this this summer is...we have been dealing with trying to sell our house since March! We finally got a contract on it and are supose to close now on September 3rd! We found a new home in the area we have wanted to move to...Prosper, TX. It is a much larger lot and the house will have more room too! The home is a spec home that the builder started and had not sold, so we are excited it is new and fresh! We really are looking forward to closing and getting moved! It is very exciting and a new adventure! For those of you who don't know where Prosper is about 10 mins from where we are now. Yes further North and East (for your Fort Worth folks). But, we look forward to Faith going to school in their excellent schools and having a small community atmosphere, while being minutes from Frisco!

Our final news for the summer....we are expecting BABY NUMBER 2!! I am almost 12 weeks pregnant, and so excited! This is truely another blessing in our lives. I am due March 3, 2010. I still have a way to go, but I think with the upcomming move and holidays, it will go by so fast!! We really look forward to bringing this baby home and it being another big part of our family!! I think Faith may think it is "her baby" and try to take off with it!!

So, we have been pretty blessed and busy this summer. Faith starts back at Mother's Day Out in one week! She now has to have a nap mat and there are no more cribs or swings in her new room! She really has grown up! We will celebrate her 2nd birthday September 6th! Almost! Next thing you know, I will be trying to hold off on her turning 16!! Like I said before, she has hit the terrible two's, but is also a very loving, sweet, smart, outgoing, vibrant little girl! She has a plethera of words she says, but mostly only her dad and I can understand them, and some, we have no idea what she is saying...she says things like...Lacy, dr., eats, babies, dog, paci, mama, dada, moo (for cow), nee (for horse and Aunt Nee), Joel, Mimi, swing, outside, towel, pool, MINE, Faith, the list could go on and on, but these are just a few! She hasn't been to the doctor in a while, but she is about 36 inches and 30 lbs now!! Very tall! Imagine that! We have also really enjoyed spending time with Alissa (my neice) this summer. Now that she lives in Texas again, we get to see her a lot more! Faith LOVES her cousin, and they have a ton of fun together!! She is a great babysitter too...although I can't leave her home alone yet! But when Alissa is 13..she will do great babysitting!!

Here are a few pictures from this summer...not too many, as I can't take pictures in the water! I will try and get some pics this week of gymnastics and swim lessons! I need those for memories!

I hope all of you have had a wonderful and blessed summer!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Fun

There hasn't been much going on around our house lately....well, never mind, I guess there is always something!!

Joel has of course been working a lot lately, so Faith and I needed some new things to do outside...she got a swing for the front yard, and she loves it! I attach it to a big tree branch and away she goes! And, she was given a new climbing play house for the back yard with a slide. She has no fear, and knows just what to do. She climbs to the top, and slides down. What a life saver for me!! Something fun to do in the back yard! If our yard was big enough, we could have gotten a nice swing set with swings and day!